Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Okay, well I'm not going to the Body Combat class - didn't get up in time, or move fast enough to get there. Still going to the gym though, have to get some waters and some alphabet noodles first, then off to go walk for 45 minutes today. Then a shower, and home to make homemade chicken noodle soup (with the aforementioned alphabet noodles) and fresh bread.

I had to rip out the cardi - good thing I hadn't got very far yet. I missed part of the pattern when reading it (READ THE DIRECTIONS!!! *sigh*) and so hadn't cast on enough stitches. I'm altering it so that I can do the whole thing in pretty much one piece, and missed the border stitches.

Anyway, I can start that again when I get home, after I get the soup started :)


Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Hello, good afternoon and hi, how are ya? Been a while, hasn't it? I'm going to fall back on the excuse of having been busy, as well as the fact that it does seem rather pointless to write these things out for no one to read. My guy is the only one I know of who reads this and he gets to experience it all firsthand, so this really does seem like an exercise in futility.

However, everyone needs a place to put things down to put them in order in their heads so here I am again. To catch up on the last couple of months, my vacation was lovely though it was busy. My guy had the second week off as well, so we rearranged some things in the house and emptied out my storage locker in Newmarket. That meant renting a truck and moving things like a big ass armoire (my dad saw it and said, "I recognise that" - he and my mum had bought it way back when I was a baby) and the washer and dryer, plus some other stuff that was in there. We set up the washer and dryer the next day, stacking them so that there was room to put a table beside them to fold the clean clothes on. (That last part is theory only, never been tested :-P )

Work starting in September was back to evening shifts, thank goodness. Mornings seem like they're preferable but honestly, having to go to bed before the kids upstairs is just ridiculous. Also I've discovered I really don't like having to get up to an alarm anymore. Did that for years and now I just want to be able to sleep until I'm slept out. It meant that I have a crew that has lower hours per week, but I've been making them up with extra work in the mornings and on Saturdays. So I really have been busy, honest.

My Mythos yarns arrived - oh, my, god... They are all so soft and squishy, and the colourways are divine.

I have duplicates of a number of these, allowing for bigger projects and I just can't wait to cast on ...something. I don't know what yet, though there will be at least one stole/shawl out of it.

I also ordered yarn from Tri'Coterie, based in France (I have French yarn!!!) and that arrived yesterday - it is also beautiful. I got three of the four colourways available for September (pics taken from the Tri'coterie board on Ravelry):

Halloween, Fright Night, and Don't Stray From The Path

The first two are self striping yarns, and the last is a graduate, going through the colours as it's knitted up.

I made a hat, my second, out of Manos del Uruguay Classico - it's very blue, and it's very warm. It's just a beanie pattern, nothing special, but I haven't made many hats so it was fun. The Seen From the Moon socks for my guy are almost done, and for a little bit I was attempting to do the Tour-de-Sock but due to a couple of mistakes I blew the first deadline and so was out of the race in the first round. Got a pretty pair of socks out of it, though too small for me so I'll be giving them to my sister as part of her birthday present. I'm still working on the second pattern, but since I'm out of the running there's no rush.

I suppose the biggest piece of news at the moment is that we're on strike. Our contract has been up since Feb 1, and the negotiations were put off, delayed, and otherwise just not done, so  at the end of August a vote was held to determine whether or not we were prepared to strike. There are three contractors at the moment that are out, which takes out about 60% of the service. We went out yesterday, and well, it was just a bad day all round. So today I went out, did what I had to do, and then I went to the gym. I've decided that since I haven't got much else to do - the organisation of this strike seems odd to me, we had a meeting yesterday but no picketing, no presence - I'll get off my ass and go back to the gym. As well I've been trying to improve the diet again, back to the way it used to be with more veg and fruits in there, and less junk food and snacks.

I started easy today, since it's been a while, by walking on the treadmill for half an hour. I went almost two miles and burned close to 300 calories, then came home and had a lovely big salad for lunch. Dinner tonight will be shake'n'bake chicken breasts, with acorn squash and roasted veg from the other night. I'd made pot roast but the veg didn't cook in time so we'll have them tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can't get my butt in gear to go to a 9:30 Body Combat class and kill myself with exercise :-P

Okay, I don't know what else to go on about today, oh yes - I did start a new project, in honour of going on strike, and that is the Hooded House Coat, which is a fancy name for a hoodie cardi. It should be lovely, I'm doing the borders in a charcoal grey and the main body in a lighter grey. I'll keep you posted about how it's going.