Sunday, 27 February 2011

More To Look Forward To...

I received an email on Wednesday from the Creativ Festival - no, I didn't forget the 'e', they spell it that way on purpose... *shrug* However, the very exciting thing is... they've revived the Spring Show!!!! :D :D

Last year they decided not to have a spring show, I'm assuming for financial reasons. I missed the fall show last October which is the bigger of the two shows, because of some reason or another and I was really disappointed, so to hear that they were reviving the spring show was wonderful :D Even better, I happen to be on vacation that week! So I can actually go to the show on Friday, which will hopefully be a little less busy than Saturday, and stay all day without worrying about having to be back for work on time or anything else other than potential traffic on the way back to my boyfriend's house. Now I just have to start stashing money for the show so I have my yarn fund :D

Still on my needles are both of the socks pictured in my previous post, though I've made quite a bit of progress on the navy 'B' sock. The leg of the 'A' sock is twelve cables high (eight row repeat) and I've gotten a third of the way up on 'B' sock now, and that's just working on it on my downtime at work. One small bonus is that my work schedule changes starting tomorrow for the next couple of months, and at least two days a week I'll have an hour to work on things free and clear :) That should help finish it off in relatively short order.

After that is done, I'll be casting on for the Rivendell Smoke Ring with  the SweetGeorgia sock club yarn I posted a picture of in the last post. I still have some yarn coming from Twisted Fiber Art that I intend to use for a second one because I just can't resist the idea of seeing the colourway change like that up the cowl. I actually ordered two colourways, so I'll have to find another scarf pattern for the second one. Oh darn... more time spent cruising Ravelry... ;)

I also purchased the Argonath Stole pattern and now I'm looking for the yarn to go with that one. I've looked at the yarn the designer used, and it is beautiful and not as expensive as some, but the available colours are somewhat limited because, of course, it is an indie dyer. They do have just gorgeous colours though, it's just a matter of what they currently have available in sufficient quantity... check it out. The colourway that was used for the photographed sample from the website is called Laboradorite, but what I saw on the website by that name doesn't look anything like the colour in the picture of the stole on the designer's website. I don't know which picture is an accurate representation of the colourway, though both are pretty.

Time to wander off, I hope you'll come back and see what I've been up to.


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