Wednesday, 23 February 2011

O Frabjous Day!

Yesterday was a very wonderful day! :D I got prezzies in the mail! I got my February shipment for the Yummy Yarn Studio's Sock Club, and it's just beautiful yarn, see?

The pattern that came along with it looks wonderfully entertaining, and it has beads to be knitted into the cuff - I've not worked with beads before so that will be fun to figure out. I also received my shipment from Yarn Love that I ordered from her etsy shop, where she sells some overstock or discontinued yarns.

The first is the Marigold colourway, which for some reason I just couldn't resist even though oranges and yellows are not usually colours that I like. The second is Tranquil Waters, then two skeins of Forget Me Not, and finally Stormlit Poppy. The last is on the Marianne Dashwood base, which is just a little finer than the Diana yarn, or so it seems to me.

Last week I recieved my first sock club yarn from SweetGeorgia as well, which is a 50/50 silk/merino blend, and it's just lovely :) I'm trying to find a lacy scarf or shawl pattern to make with it, but I'm not finding one that's really speaking to me. So I may be wandering my way through my various stitch pattern books looking for something exciting. I have quite a few of those, though there are still a whole lotmore on my amazon wish list :)

As you can see I have lots ahead of me to knit up :D I'm thinking it will be lots of fun.

On the needles I have the January sock club socks from Yummy Yarn Studio, which I mentioned in the previous post, but this time I have a picture.

Finally getting a sense of the pattern, though I'm still putting in lifelines for each repeat of the pattern just in case. Those ones are my home socks to work on, where I can pay more attention to them and if the yarn falls on the floor, that's okay, it won't wind up in a puddle. I had to take the yarn out of its protective bag  to do the yarn-from-each-end thing and be able to untangle it, because no matter how careful I am it manages to get wound around itself.

The sock I take with me to work on is this one:

As you can see, the first one is already finished, aka 'A' sock, and 'B' sock is just starting up the leg. I was in a workshop yesterday at work and managed to get the heel turned while there. Thanked the safety inspector when the class was done and showed her what I'd been working on :D I'm sure it's not new to lots of people, but I made a slip stitch heel based on a pattern I'd looked at for trying to do the gusset and heel flap, and I was quite pleased with myself when I managed to make it work :)

Anyway, time to walk my little girl and get ready for work. I haven't managed to win the lotto yet, so unfortunately I still have to go to work.

I'll post pics of the finished baby blanket in my next blog, see you then.

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