Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday's Whimsies

You know, it's nice to be called a "young lady" - especially since I'll be 42 next year :D I don't think I look my actual age, but it's nice to have someone else assume I'm younger than I really am. For the most part I'm not particularly vain (though I do think my hair is gorgeous - go curls!)  so this was a nice compliment.

Today's excitement was going to the gym and doing three miles on the elliptical in half an hour - that's an average of six mph, which I haven't been at for a long time. I used to average higher, but ... yeah, long time. So I did that, had a lovely shower then came home and decided to do some cleaning. The Boo-bunnies were plotting coup under the couch, so it was time to clean them out. I swept the upstairs and then steam-mopped the floor as well as shaking out Boo's pillow and sweeping/mopping the entryway. I put Kingdom of Heaven in the bluray player and cranked the volume while I was doing this - I adore the soundtrack to this movie. I don't really care if I see what's happening on the screen, I just wanted the music going behind me. I knew if I'd put any one of the Pirates movies in I would be pausing to watch but this one was just for atmospheric music.

I've finished the body of my Strike Hoodie (Ravelry link) and have done both cuffs for the sleeves. I was going to do them both at the same time but I don't have a long enough needle in the right size. If I put it off til tomorrow then I can get one, as I have a set of Addi Turbo interchangeables at home with a longer cord in the case but I don't know if I can wait that long. I do have a pair of socks I can finish, as well as Mel's stripey socks to work on, so there is stuff to do. I also bought some patterns last night (four, actually) for various shawls, one of which I'll be using the graduated from Tri'Coterie that I mentioned in my last post. I still have to find a pattern for one of this month's acquisitions too. It hasn't arrived yet, so I still have time, but oh my... It's going to be gorgeous. (picture ganked from the Tri'Coterie group on Ravelry)

100% superwash lace merino, 2-ply, 850m (930yds) *drool*

Time to go finish that sock :)


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