Thursday, 24 November 2011


It's about the end of week five, and still nothing. Well, not nothing - I finished my hoodie!!! :-D I finished it last Saturday, and washed and blocked it Sunday. It took two days (and a couple of trips through the dryer on "air fluff") to dry, but I've been wearing it since Tuesday and loving it. It's so warm! I still have to get himself to take pics of me with it on, but I do have this one to show you :-)

It's soooo comfy :-)

I've also managed to finish Mel's Stripey Strike Socks -

I love these, I think the way the stripes turned out is just awesome :-) These were my first socks done with an afterthought heel, which was entertaining. One of the things I love about knitting is that you can learn so many different ways to accomplish things if you want to, or find the one technique you love and stick with that. For the stripes the best way to maintain them was with the afterthought heel, so that's the one I chose. I have some new yarn from Twisted Fiber Art, who I believe I've mentioned before, in the wonderful Warlock colourway :-D (picture from their website)

I also got a 1/4 skein of the coordinating purple to do the toes and heels in, so as not to mess up the gorgeous, gorgeous stripes of this colourway. I got the Arial base, which is 100% superwash merino, with a fantastic yardage - 480 yds for the full skein and 120 yds for the coordinating skein. These will be some impressive socks ;-)

I also finished the first sock in the second stage of the Tour de Sock. I didn't finish the first stage in time, so there was no pressure to finish these ones up and as a result they've been languishing in my knitting bag for a few weeks. Now that I have so much time, though, all sorts of things are coming out to play. The pattern is Phellogen by Glenna C. and it's a fun one. it's one that you have to be careful where you stop because the repeats on the two charts don't match up - one is a 10 row repeat, the other is a 14 row repeat. Let's just say I had a lot of lifelines in there to note the start of the next repeat.

I've just cast on for the second sock, and will work on that as I have patience for all the twisted stitches that are in this pattern.

Another pair of socks that I've finished is Skew by Lana Holden - these are awesome socks. I love the look of them. It's another pattern where you have to be careful where you put them down, because the pattern isn't all that intuitive in terms of where it's going. It's very well written though, and so it's a simple matter to pick a spot to pause. Good thing, because I "paused" back in August :-P I picked them up again on Monday of this week, worked on the green sock above on Tuesday, and then finished these up yesterday and today. All I had left to do today was bind off the second sock and sew in the ends, so that went pretty quickly.

Anyway, time to wander off and finish getting ready for dinner. Himself will be home with some sausages soon, so I should heat up the toaster oven. 


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