Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Hate Moving

I'm sure there are people out there who either love the opportunities that moving provides or just happen to be inclined towards a minimalist lifestyle anyway and so moving isn't a particularly traumatic event for them but for me, it sucks. I like to nest, apparently, and it didn't help that I was in my apartment for just over three years and so had accumulated far more than I thought I had. This past weekend was the big day, moving the large items out of the apartment and into my guy's house, and it was not as bad as it could have been, I suppose, but it was still very stressful for me.

It didn't help that I had a bad customer service experience with an idiot at U-Haul Truck Rental on Friday, the day before I was supposed to be uprooting what was left of myself and I was already freaking out somewhat. While I will admit I was not the picture of politeness myself, the tone and responses I was getting from this guy ended up leaving me wanting to cry. That's not something I usually do anymore, so it was not a good sign. At the suggestion of my guy I ended up calling Ryder Truck Rental instead, and for the same price - a little less, actually - I was able to get a truck two hours earlier in the day, with a full tank of fuel (so I wouldn't have to guess how much to put back in there) and a lift gate instead of just a ramp. The woman I spoke with on the phone was very helpful and professional and the complete opposite of the asshole from U-Haul. It gave me great pleasure to call that idiot back and cancel my reservation.

Now that it's all done, all that's left (ha!) is getting everything organised here. This is not going to be an easy task, that's for sure. We have two households worth of stuff, and one small house to put it all in. This is going to require some serious purging on both our parts, and one idea I've come up with so far is "the kijiji box". Anything that is a duplicate or something that is still serviceable but no longer wanted (and is worth asking some money for) goes in the kijiji box. This is Kijiji.  He's purchased some stuff from there, and we unloaded the big TV from the front room on that site last Friday as well, so I thought we could try that first before just donating the stuff. I don't really want to hang on to anything long enough to wait for spring and garage sale season, and besides, I'm sure that would be more work than it was truly worth. My idea is to put together a "kitchen starter kit" with a coffee maker, a toaster, a small crock pot, a juice jug, maybe a couple of baking sheets and some other assorted items we have and ask $50 for the lot. I don't know if the idea will work, but it's worth a shot anyway.

Yesterday I did manage to get some stuff done, and got some of the kitchen organised as well as cleaning the small fridge and the chest freezer so that we can start using them. I let them sit for the required 24 hours (closer to 48) to let the coolant settle and so we were able to plug in the fridge last night before going to bed. It was loaded up with water and some pop this afternoon and is now back to serving as the drinks fridge. The freezer hasn't been plugged in yet, though it's ready to go, because we can't get to the outlet at the moment as it's covered by boxes. I suppose those will have to be the next thing I move. I'd like to get the freezer going to take the pressure off the one on the fridge, and so that I won't have to consider how much freezer space I have when I find a deal at the grocery store that I'd like to take advantage of.

After all that, I need some happy. I spent part of last week cataloging my yarn stash and while it was a lot of work (yes, really, it was) it was also a lovely excuse to fondle great quantities of gorgeous yarn. As well, I received my October and November yarns from Maylin of Tri'Coterie Yarns. I have to say they are truly stunning. I know my camera didn't capture the colours perfectly, but I'll show you anyway.

"Smoke on the Water" - purple and two shades of grey, self-striping, in Aran MCN. I have a third skein of this still coming, and it's beautiful. I'm looking forward to having a matching set of hat, mitts and scarf made from this.

"Violet Vampire" - self-striping royal purple and black, on MCN sock. This was from the waifs and strays selection because there's a break in the yarn according to Maylin's note on the tag.

This is "Glacial" - a graduated double skein of merino/tencel lace, starting at white and going to deep blue. I have a plan for this one, and it's going to be stunning.

 These two are both superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool (BFL) and nylon, a very nice sock yarn. It's pretty fine and requires small needles, but the socks will be great. The top colourway is "Army Brat", and the bottom is "House Stark" - a Game of Thrones reference, for those who don't know it. I've listened to the first book on audio, and have listened to most of the second book as well but the narrator's voice makes me nuts. It sounds like he's gargling rocks while he's reading the story and I can only take it in small doses.

These last ones are "Lunatic" - the top one is a graduated skein of merino lace and the bottom one is merino/tencel and also from the waifs and strays because the skein has very little white in it, mostly the graduated purple. It's also a different shade of purple than the top skein, though both are very pretty.

I've managed to change my address at the post office, so hopefully I won't miss any of my shipments, though I know my upstairs neighbours will watch out for them for me, and John has said that if any arrive after Feb 1 he'll just send a quick email to let me know that it's there. I will miss them, though not the elephant noise of their kids quite so much, but they really are very nice people.

Anyway, that's all for this evening.


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