Thursday, 2 February 2012


I'm sitting here, watching Sanctuary and trying to decide what to say in this blog. I have many thoughts and opinions about what's been going on in my working life but I really don't think that it would be a very good thing to air them publicly. I have started to write it all down in a separate file, and maybe someday I'll be able to post at least some of it here but for now all I will say is that we're still screwed. The other two bargaining units have gotten acceptable contracts from their employers and I wish them all the best, but we're still sitting here waiting for some sort of resolution that will allow us to move on.

Having said that, moving on... I am completely out of my apartment though I still have to hand over my keys, and that I will do tomorrow when I have to go up to Newmarket to pick up my cheque. My upstairs neighbour should be home and I'll just leave them with him. My mail has been on redirect starting as of last week, so I doubt there's any of that there, but I could really use a lovely package of yarn to perk me up. Having said that, I have been going through my stash and photographing it so I can properly catalogue it on Ravelry. It's nice to know what I have when I'm cruising through the patterns looking for what to make next :-)

Here are a couple of my latest acquisitions:

DK Merino, colourway Ravenclaw (yes, that one, from Harry Potter)

Sock MCN - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues - so soft and squishy

BFL Sock - Storm Chaser - gorgeous colours...

The first two are from Maylin at Tri'Coterie from a grab bag that I bought in her end of year clearance. I had paid for a $100 grab bag but only got a $50 one, so she's sending some extra stuff in my next shipment to make up for the mistake. Her January colours are rainbow stripes and were just too delicious to pass up. I ended up selling one of my Fresh From the Cauldron colourways to fund it. I had bought it in an update last September and it still wasn't growing on me as a colour to love. I thought perhaps I should give someone else who would adore it more than I a chance to fondle him.

It was this one:

The last one up there is the January club selection from SweetGeorgia (obviously). It's called Storm Chaser and I'm trying to figure out what to make to best show off the wonderful colours. I made a Sockhead Hat (Rav link) with the October skein and it's great - really floppy, but so soft and comfy.

The webcam pic is kind of crappy and I'm sorry about that, but since it's actually not a bad pic of me, I thought I'd stick it in here. Let's see, what else have I been working on... Oh! My Happy Socks! They're awesome :-D

They're almost knee socks, except that my legs are too pudgy to pull them all the way up :-P I've also been working on some socks for my friend that I had started back in the summer. I ended up putting them away in the time out basket because I was trying to work the pattern toe up and it just wasn't computing for me at the time. I'm pretty sure I can convert it now that I've done it the way it was originally written, which is cool since I really prefer to use all the rather expensive yarn I have a habit of buying.

This is the first one, I managed to finish it in just a few days and I started the second one yesterday. I'm down to the foot already and should hopefully finish it tonight. I managed to get my friend's address today - I had saved it from the lovely Christmas card she'd sent but since moving I can't find a damn thing - so I can send it off when they're done. I really hope she'll like them.

Anyway, that's all for now. Time for some lunch.


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