Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tuesday's Fun

Today's time has begun and I almost missed it - eep! It's ten past eleven and I only just realised that I hadn't written today's post. I was actually somewhat productive today, as I managed to clear out another half dozen boxes and bags out of the room downstairs. I'm trying to sort through everything ruthlessly as I unpack it due to the limited storage space round here and I think I'm managing not too badly but I'm sure we have too much stuff even without what's left of my things.

Other than that it was a rather ordinary day - got an issue sorted out with my unemployment, thanks to my friend Tammy and her contact at the office and I should finally have a payment coming in by the end of the week. Yay, money!

I spoke to my sister for a little while and found out that she wants to learn to make jam this year :-D I'm planning on going strawberry picking soon-ish for exactly that purpose, though first I have to contact a few farms to enquire about the price per pound for pick your own strawberries - one place has their price listed at $2.10/lb!! yikes!! - and this week I can go get apricots from the grocery store to bottle up some sunshine for future toast. I love apricot jam, especially on a toasted bagel with some cream cheese for breakfast. I'm also planning on making himself some blueberry freezer jam, maybe with a little lemon in there for fun, with the sugar free mix that I bought a while ago. I have some little one cup plastic jars for the freezer jam, and I've managed to excavate my canning jars, the rings and the countertop electric burner that I have for boiling the sealing rings. The outdoor burner is in the shed, and there's already an extra 20 lb canister of propane waiting for just the purpose of making jam and I found the blanching pot for later in the season, when it's time to do up the tomatoes for sauce and perhaps freezing some cauliflower and broccoli. I may take the summer off but I don't plan to be entirely lazy ;-)

Just to finish the post, here's some yarn porn, a small sample of what I've managed to get my hands on in the last few months.

Later :-)

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