Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer Plans

The clock is running and it's time for today's maunderings :-) I was just messaging with a friend about how things are going and she's busier than ever even though, like me, she's (happily!) unemployed. Luckily both of us are in the situation of having a partner to help out, so the lack of a job isn't much more than a small pain in the behind at the moment. We were supposed to get together last week to go see the movie Chernobyl Diaries but what with one thing and another we didn't end up going and the next couple of weeks don't look very promising either. It kind of sucks because I'm not sure how long it will be in the theatres but oh well, I'll just pick it up on dvd when it comes out if we miss it entirely.

This summer is just filled with movies I really want to see - Men in Black 3, Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus(!!!1!!!!!1!!), The Dark Knight Rises, the list goes on. It looks to be an awesome movie summer, that's for sure. I'm sure I'll be knitting lots of plain or ribbed socks for movie watching :D I still think the best part about knitting at the movies is the looks that I get from other moviegoers - too funny!

I'm participating in the Tour de Sock again this year, and I've finished the first stage of the "race" as of this afternoon - the pattern was wonderful and the socks look just awesome :-) I used yarn from Sheepy Time Knits, the May colourway of the Time Traveller's Club and it's just perfect for the pattern, a lovely pale yellow that showcases the twisted stitches and lace beautifully. Now I'm waiting for stage two to begin, which isn't until Sunday morning, so I think I'll do some drop spindling in the mean time.

I started drop spindling back at the end of April when I took a class at the Downtown Knit Collective's annual Knitter's Frolic - that was a blast, both the class and the marketplace. One of the pics I posted yesterday was of the yarn that I had picked up there - there were so many vendors to look at and so many gorgeous yarns to fondle and squeeze! I picked up some Indigodragonfly, some Viola (which doesn't exist any more as the dyer was selling off all of her stock in preparation to move out of the country), some more Malabrigo and some pencil roving from a somewhat local yarn and fiber shop called The Black Lamb in Port Hope. I have some fiber from a small fiber festival that I had gone to in Port Hope the weekend before and that is what I'm planning to spin up next, in between stages of the TDS.

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