Monday, 4 June 2012

Inadvertent Hiatus

So I was reading Sam of Yummy Yarn Studio's blog the other day where she mentioned how long it has been since she wrote anything and it kicked me into the realization that I haven't written anything in over three months myself. I don't really have an excuse as it's not like I have a job at the moment or anything else really pressing to do, so here I am again stealing borrowing ideas from elsewhere - namely the attempt to blog for fifteen minutes a day for the month of June. Yes, it's the fourth already, so I've already fallen down on this but I'm going to give it a shot for the rest of the month. One thing I will do is actually attempt to write for that fifteen minutes - any pictures I want to show you I will upload after I've done the writing.

I haven't been up to much for the last few months - I've been knitting quite a lot and since mid April or so I've been working on getting the front and back yards beaten into shape and planted with flowers for the front and small veggie gardens for the back. I've been pretty successful which is awesome, and himself helped me out a lot when I got stuck into doing this stuff on the weekends.

I have planted three tomato plants, three cherry tomato plants, two pepper plants, butternut squash, two zucchini plants, two watermelon plants - yellow ones! yay! - cucumber, beans and peas. I've only planted a few of each type, two or three, because I don't want to be overwhelmed by produce so that we end up not eating all of it, plus I have the CSA membership for the summer from Willowtree Farm to supplement our veggie and fruit requirements :-) That starts up in about two more weeks and I'm really looking forward to getting our first box of goodies. I also bought a meat membership from the same farm which we'll get once a month and will contain approximately ten pounds of chicken, beef and lamb.

My zucchini plants are getting huge!!

As for projects, I've finished about three pairs of socks and a huge Clapotis shawl out of SweetGeorgia CashLuxe Fine in last June's club colourway. It is stunning and I can't wait for slightly cooler weather to wear it and just snuggle up in it.

Well that's my fifteen minutes for today, so I'll be back tomorrow with another update :)


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