Saturday, 12 March 2011

Movie Time!

Okay, so the January sock club socks are almost done, thank goodness :D I love them, they're so very pretty, but they've been driving me crazy for just a little too long now. The first one has about a dozen stitches left to bind off, and the other needs about three more pattern repeats then the picot cuff and binding off. I split the remainder of the ball of yarn then separated them off the same needle so I could work them one at a time and things have been going much more rapidly since then. I've come to the conclusion that while it would seem that the "two socks, one needle" philosophy would save time, in reality it just made for a lot of frustration on my end. It's entirely possible that I chose the wrong pattern to test out the process, as learning the pattern for the socks took me a while, and even longer since I kept having to repeat it from sock to sock.

In the meantime, I've been working on the vanilla socks for my guy, and turned the heel last night. Of course, I had measured three times, and my gauge was out by only half a stitch so I continued on confidently... *sigh* I really should have known better. I got him to try it on today, and had to frog it back to make the foot about an inch shorter than it was because it was just too long. So now I've turned the heel again, and am starting back up the leg. This time I had him try it on right after I'd done the heel and only a few rows of the leg, just to be sure. Frogging stuff gets old in a hurry, and that's just the socks I've been working on.

In other things, we went to see Battle: Los Angeles tonight :D Just my kind of movie - lots of action and many things go boom! To be completely honest, it was very much a jingoistic recruiting film - look at us, we're Marines, we're badass, we never give up and you want to be one of us - and it had its issues. The effects were quite well done, I thought, the dialogue was meh, but seriously, don't put kids in an action movie please. I don't need my movie characters being distracted by children. My biggest issue with the movie was a particular scene that just broke the fantasy for me. Miss Kalendar of the Brass Needles podcast calls this "Clark Kent-ing" when one thing in a movie or show makes your suspension of disbelief fall away, and I really like this phrase. I may just borrow it for a while :)

I did have fun with the movie, and it didn't even seem overly long. I was much happier when they shipped the kids off, along with the mostly useless character played by Bridget Moynahan though. Michelle Rodriguez once again played a chick with a gun, but she does it really well so it wasn't a stretch. The music was pretty good, and I think I might have to have a listen to it without the rest of the movie going on behind it to decide exactly how good it is. It was just as rah-rah as the movie itself, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The original soundtrack for Crimson Tide, for example, or Blackhawk Down - incredible stuff, and both are by Hans Zimmer, who happens to be my favourite composer.

Alright, I'm off to work on socks again. I really want to get the January club socks completely off the needles so that I can start the Rivendell Smoke Ring with my February yarn from SweetGeorgia Yarns. It's going to be so pretty :)

Later :)

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