Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Random Thoughts

1. Why do the things we enjoy so much (besides knitting, of course) usually turn out to be bad for us? :P I'm thinking of my lunch in particular - linguine with margarine, Parmesan cheese and fresh ground black pepper. I call it "poor man's pasta Alfredo" :D I know it''s all in the portion sizes, and I'm trying to be good with that, but still, this is probably not the healthiest of lunches. Sure tastes good, though.

2. How is it that I don't really like leftovers, but I can pack the same thing in my lunch for days on end without getting sick of it? I can't have the same sandwiches day after day, or even different sandwiches for more than two days in a row, but the little bits in my lunch, the granola bar, the fruit, the yogurt - all the same, all the time. I can also have bagels day after day, instead of a sandwich. A bagel with cream cheese and cucumber is my favourite.

3. I've come to the conclusion that I'm a monogamous knitter. I currently have this desperate need to finish the January socks (so close!) before casting off my next bit of fun, or even my next non-vanilla pair of socks - those will be Miriam Felton's Porifera Socks (this is a Ravelry link, my apologies to any who may not have access to it). I do have Rod's socks on the go, but I justify that because they're mindless knitting, simple patterning that is almost impossible to screw up. Having said that, I'm sure that I will pay for my hubris later today.

4. Spring is almost here, and today it's showing outside :) It's sunny and beautiful, and so I managed to get off my butt and take Honey for a nice 40 minute walk through the park. I also snagged some more waste bags that they have in the park - I figure with the property taxes that I've paid in this town the least they can owe me is some poo bags for my dog.

5. I miss Babylon 5! I think it's just about time for a marathon. That was the one series that really grabbed me and sucked me in completely. I love Star Trek in all its incarnations, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The Outer Limits, Battlestar Galactica - I have all of these on dvd in my library, but Babylon 5... There were multiple "a-ha!" moments in that show, so much character and plot development, and the actors involved made their characters completely real to me. Yep, it's time to cue up the Shadow War again :D

Time to pack my lunch for work,

Later :)

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  1. That should be "casting on", not off... *sigh*