Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Some Knitting & Some Ramblings

Good news! :D I have an FO! Just... not quite the one I was hoping for. Dang it. I managed to finish my navy cabled socks and I have the pics to prove it.

Second pic had the flash on, not sure if it's really a good picture of the pattern, but then again, it's just cables so it's pretty standard. I took some pictures of some other vanilla socks I made over Christmas, plain foot and ribbed leg but they're lovely :)

I used a lace bind-off for the tops of these socks to prevent any possibility of them being too tight, and they're wonderfully slouchy. I just love them.

The newest vanilla sock that I've cast on is a pair for my boyfriend. I made him a pair of bed socks from Cascade 220 last year, after I learned to make toe up socks, and he really likes them but he's not so good with the handwash portion of the festivities so I happened to have some Red Heart Heart and Sole yarn (70% superwash wool and 30% nylon) in the Toasted Almond colourway so I figured I'd make him a pair of ribbed socks from that. I must say, Red Heart to me is usually a crappy acrylic yarn, so this stuff is a very pleasant surprise. The yarn itself is a little scratchy to work with, but knits up quite soft and squishy and should be quite comfortable, much like the Cascade 220.  He's much happier that this yarn is machine washable though.

I think the colourway is awesome, and now I want a pair myself, but I had only bought two balls and I got it at the 2009 Creativ Needlework Show - I think. It might have been 2008... I don't know. It is still available, so I may just go order some more. I haven't seen it carried anywhere that I can just pick it up, so I'll just have to cope with getting a package in the mail... oh darn... ;)

I'm expecting a couple of packages this week, actually, and I'm very excited! I got an email last week telling me my order from Twisted Fiber Art had shipped, so that should arrive very soon, and there's also an order for some stitch markers from winemakerssister on etsy that should be here this week as well. I ordered the zombie stitch markers, and the the dog lover's stitch markers, the white dog with the black patch on its eye. I told somebody about the zombie stitch markers and I was all giddy about getting them, and was told that I didn't seem like the kind of person to want that kind of thing. I was rather shocked at that, to be honest, because I've never made any secret of the fact that I infinitely prefer sci-fi/action/adventure/horror over anything remotely girly and I thought that everyone knew that about me. I don't do girl movies or girl tv, though I will admit to reading my fair share of romance books over the years. I can do the books but not the movies or a lot of the tv shows, I'm not sure why. Probably the girliest tv show I watch is Grey's Anatomy, which I call my guilty pleasure. It's just so over the top and completely unrealistic that you can't help but have a good time with it, and really, Sheppard is pretty to look at. The new one by the creator of Grey's is fun as well, a show called Off The Map. They really like cranking the drama and implausibility to the max.

I tend to watch science fiction for the most part, but lately there's been a dearth of it on broadcast television which is quite depressing. I also watch a fair bit of crime drama - heavy on the drama. Really, H and the Sunnies of Justice on CSI:Miami are more than deserving of their very own meme. There's CSI:NY as well, though I gave up on the original mostly because I don't like Lawrence Fishburne in the role he plays on the show. The chemistry of the cast was lost when William Petersen and Gary Dourdan left (or were made to leave, as the case may be). I watch the reboot of V, which is fun, though it is a reboot and so I know most of the story. I watched it rather obsessively in the 80's, which dates me, I know :P I watch NCIS and NCIS:Los Angeles, Being Human, Stargate Universe, Fringe, and Criminal Minds. I started watching the new Criminal Minds:Suspect Behaviour, but I'm not sure how long I'll continue - it's starting off rather roughly.

I love Star Trek in all its incarnations, though the original series will always hold a special place in my heart. I was six years old when I started watching it in syndication and the sense of wonder and excitement are still there, even now. Something of a testament to Gene Roddenberry's vision that something he created over 40 years ago can still evoke that reaction, especially after many multiples of viewings on my part. I've truly lost count of how many times I've seen every episode.

This is getting rather long, and I need to go fall over in bed for a while. I'll pick this up later, and fill you in on my other favourites in television and movies.

Good night :)

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